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Dar AlqudrahComplex for Dentistry 2

Dar AlqudrahComplex for Dentistry 2
The group Dar AlQudra was established in 1420 Hijri/ 2000 in the city of Riyadh specializing in the treatment of all diseases and mouth surgery and orthodontics.

Our Mission
We seek to be the best first choice and provide you with the best service…

Our Vision
To provide the best high quality medical services in the field of medicine, surgery and orthodontics, by providing excellent services, and to be able to satisfy the customer, basing our work on the latest techniques in this area…

Characteristics of the Complex

  1. Modern and effective methods to communicate with visitors
  2. Continuous review of the services provided to our valued customers
  3. The latest medical equipment in the field of medicine and orthodontics
  4. Use of asterilization system that is identical to international quality standards…
  5. Continuous development of the sections in the complex
  6. Permanent follow-up of new technologies in the field of medicine and Orthodontics
  7. The number of our auditors reached three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) files

Ishbiliyah Dar Alqudrah Complex for Dentistry

Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Ext. 9

phone: 0112480510

Mobile: 0556575342

Our Location on Google Map: Click Here

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